Collect and own cute unique NFT stamps

powered by imagination, made with care.

latest stamps

Up in the air

Lost in space

Follow the lights

Drawn by Memo himself

The Concept

Take an adventure.
Invite a little hero.
Add a sprinkle of Ethereum.
A stylish collectible number.
And a touch of animation powder.

Why get a NFT ? Why get a stamp ?

NFT are quickly becoming the right combination between Trading Card Games and Art Collection. While it is still very early, Memo and I strongly believe that the technology is here to stay. With Nifty Stamps, you get a handcrafted artwork that tells you an ongoing story, Memo’s journey.

But why Stamps ? Postal stamps have always conveyed the idea of travel and at the same time add a sense of collection. Philately is relaxing, is welcoming and bring people from all around the world together. That’s why when we heard about NFT, we instantly thought that stamps would be the perfect support for this project.

Owning a NFT stamp is owning a part of the journey and the artist’s unique vision.

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